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We offer GMAT preparations services in various formats such as offline classes at our offices in Austin, Houston, and Dallas, online courses, and even training sessions at our clients’ offices. Clients may study in a small group or individually with a personal instructor. While many things can be customized, our instructors are invariably in the 99th percentile and have a wealth of experience in GMAT prep.

Winning application package

Only individual approach, hundreds of real clients accepted to Harvard,
Wharton, Stanford, Chicago and other MBA25 world business schools.
11 years` experience in essay and recommendation letters editing.
Unbeatable prices!

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Successful TOEFL preparation

MBA Strategy Inc. – the best TOEFL professionals from all over the world.
Profound TOEFL teaching experience, hundreds of clients with TOEFL score 115+,
hundreds of accepted to MBA25 business schools. Live classes in NY, 1-2-1 online,
self-paced TOEFL learning

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The best MBA and admissions
consulting services

In MBA Strategy test preparation and application consultations require
a personal relationship with the client. We are happy when you get into
the program of your dreams!

Our company

MBA Admissions Consulting Services


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  • We have been providing first-class MBA admissions consulting services since 2011, resulting in over 500 admitted applicants with more than 100 business schools’ success stories.
  • Our team of consultants has proven its top-10 business schools’ admission expertise. We have developed effective approach that helps us to offer the successful application strategy consulting and individual assistance at all application stages.
  • Thoroughly designed comprehensive packages have been adapted to each customer’s personal needs, including our smart and flexible discount policy.
  • Our professional background, the customers’ exciting results and individual approach guarantee the expert help by the team with over 7-year experience in MBA application consulting.

Why can we help you?

  • For over 11 years engaged in MBA Admissions consulting we have gained proprietary insights of what Admission Committee at every top business school looks for and how their applicants should brand themselves in order to be admitted.
  • Our team has successfully developed and managed over 2 thousand applications through the entire process: from initial reviews and evaluation of each candidate’s profiles to personalized and scrupulous school selection processes, to rigorous interview preparation.
  • Over 80% of our clients get admission offers attain their top choices, if they apply to three or more schools.
  • Our access to the business schools’ admissions recent news through our partnership with top business schools’ ex-MBA Admissions Directors and MBA alumni sets us in the very center of application issues.
  • We have direct access to top business schools due to our 6-year partnership with MBA25 - the agency that hosts fairs and other events for the world top business schools

Our experts are US top business schools' ex-MBA Admissions with long years of Director's and Assistant Director's positions and MBA Alumni, who are graduates and enthusiastic MBA expert coaches who helped hundreds of MBA candidates from around the world.

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What our clients are saying

Edward Sutton, Company services

My thanks to MBA Strategy for their help and individual customer approach. They really prepare for entry to foreign universities and further study there.

Daniel Laporte, Best Result package

My friend recommended MBA Strategy, and I never regretted my choice. For sure, I'll be using their services in the future.

Jacqueline Martin, GMAT Preparation

I really enjoyed the GMAT online course. It’s up-to-date, unhacked, efficient and very practical. I like all new things, that's why I decided to try out this service.

The list of schools to which our MBA candidates
have been admitted to includes:

We are proud to say that more than five hundred of our clients have already achieved their life-long
dreams of getting into top business school programs.

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If you want to meet with our alumni, we will be happy to arrange a meeting for you!

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