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No matter how you like to learn or how much time you have before test day,
we have plenty of prep options to get you ready.
Intensive group GMAT preparation courses
Boot Camp

30 hours

Office or online


Highly intensive preparation before the test

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Private tutoring
with a consultant

Upwards of 5 sessions

Office or online

Morning, afternoon, evening

Customized tuition

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Group GMAT preparation
Extensive in-depth course

54 hours

Office or online

Morning, afternoon, eveningMorning, afternoon, evening

In-depth preparation (2 or more month prior to the test)

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Self-study Study at your own pace

At the client’s discretion



For flexible self-study

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in office
Individual Individual
Course start 25th of April 25th of April    
Perfect for Thorough and in-depth preparation for GMAT in advance (2+ months before the test)
Thorough and in-depth preparation for GMAT in advance (2+ months before the test)
Students who appreciate personalized schedules and custom-tailored classes Students who appreciate personalized schedules and custom-tailored classes Flexible self-study and budget constrains
Duration 54 hours 54 hours Upwards of
10 hours
Upwards of
10 hours
At the client’s
Type Classroom, at an MBA Strategy office of your convenience/online Classroom, at an MBA Strategy office of your convenience/live stream Classroom, at an MBA Strategy office of your convenience/online via Skype with a tutor Classroom, at an MBA Strategy office of your convenience/online via Skype with a tutor Online via GoGmat Platform/using course books and practice tests
Study Assistant
Optional Optional Optional
Course books
(online version)
Price $999 $800 $159 $90 $299
Choose course Choose course Choose course Choose course Choose course
Location: Group GMAT prep classes are held at our office in the Austin / Houston / Dallas
Our tutors: Each core lecture class and practice session is led by an exceptionally qualified professor who has scored in the 90th percentile on the official GMAT and has a graduate degree and extensive teaching experience.

We are participants of the GMAC Summit
for three years in a row.

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Yevgenii Bukhinchenko

GMAT consultant, Quantitative Part

Yevgenii has been working as a GMAT Math consultant for our company since summer 2015. Apart from his work and studies, he has a lot of different hobbies. He also is a volleyball team coach for his university and plays at different championships. He knows how to get the best results everywhere. His plans for the future are to obtain a PhD in economics in the USA.

Kseniia Duda

GMAT consultant
Own GMAT result: 730/800

Kseniia is a very many-sided person: she has very broad horizons, from constantly perfecting her English to dancing. Kseniia has always been a straight-A student, and she does everything perfectly and with the best results. Also, she is a professional photographer (she has worked as one both in America and Ukraine).

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Roman Romanenko

GMAT consultant, Verbal Part
Own GMAT result: 660/800

Roman has been learning English since elementary school. He has a significant experience of consecutive and simultaneous interpretation. In 2012, he has worked as an interpreter at the international linkup with ex-presidents of Slovakia and Ukraine. Due to his knowledge and enthusiasm, Roman will help you with any GMAT Verbal question.

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Liubov Shatina

SAT/LSAT/GMAT consultant, Quantitative part
GMAT 760, 50/51 Quantitative part

In 2012, Liubov has obtained a candidate degree. She also has published four articles in leading domestic scientific journals. During her post-graduate studies, Liubov has found a diverse teaching experience: she has taught advanced math for two years, led a mathematics group for grade school students and helped students prepare for quantitative sections of different tests (GMAT, GRE).

Olga Ataieva

GMAT consultant, Verbal section
Own GMAT result: 750 (98%)

Olga has been helping students to prepare for test since 2013. Her students’ average Verbal section result is 71%, and 24% of her students have a 700+ result.

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Priya is a full-time GMAT and GRE instructor/tutor with 99th% scores, an extensive background in teaching (11 years experience) and a track-record of success. She takes immense satisfaction in helping her students excel!

Her experience includes teaching the Manhattan and Veritas curricula, editing Official Guide questions for GMAC, writing GMAT Quant questions, designing curricula and teaching GMAT/GRE prep classes, and finally, coaching hundreds of students on all sections of the GMAT and GRE one-on-one.

Priya earned a B.S. in Chemical Physics from the Rice University Honors Scholar Program, and taught college statistics and high school physics and math before transitioning into GMAT/GRE instruction full-time. In her spare time, she enjoys painting and cuddling with her 100-lb German Shepherd mix, Teddy.

Matthew Bailin

Matthew Bailin has scored in at least the 95th percentile on the GMAT, SAT, ACT and GRE exams. Matthew is a state-certified math teacher and has a combined six years of classroom experience teaching test prep, AP Statistics and AP Calculus, debate, and competition math (Mathcounts) in live and online environments. Matthew has taught and mastered every section of the GMAT, SAT, ACT, and GRE, and has even authored his own ACT course! Matthew has served as a public school teacher in his hometown of Las Vegas, as has also taught in New York City and Dubai. Matthew estimates that he has worked with more than 1000 students on topics ranging from multivariable calculus to creative writing. Matthew has also won an essay contest on the poet Jorie Graham. Matthew is certified to teach all levels of math through Differential Equations, Physics, AP Writing and Composition, Essay Writing, GMAT, SAT, ACT, GRE, SHSAT, TOFEL, and competition math.