What is GMAT? Articles, tips, test structure, GMAT guides in Europe. MBA Strategy news.  

What is GMAT? Articles, tips, test structure, GMAT guides in Europe. MBA Strategy news

Infographic: GMAT - Enjoy Your Dish

Infographic: GMAT is an essential part of diet for those who want to enter MBA programs at the best business schools in the world. This test checks the skills needed to succeed in today's world of technology and competitive labour market.


GMAT dates: Right Time for Taking GMAT

You've got a long range of good and useful advice regarding successful GMAT completion, starting with GMAT strategy and ending with delicate nuances of application process. Mostly, it is really helpful, if you return to basics and answer GMAT questions which arise in the very GMAT preparation process.




Which test to choose: GMAT vs GRE

If you aim to become a postgraduate student, there are two tests you can choose between for entering: the GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) and the GRE (Graduate Record Examination). The GMAT scores have traditionally been accepted by business school in case that the applicant is looking for participation in management programs (MBA, MSA, etc.)


Ready and Able: Your Comprehensive GMAT Prep

So you’ve decided to enter a business school. A fine goal, to be sure, but whilst gathering information on admission requirements you will soon find out there is a number of things needed. One of them is a good GMAT result. The GMAT test determines whether you’re fit to study at a business school, and a high score maximises your chances to get in. In order to pass GMAT you have to prepare as thoroughly as possible. Here’s some helpful advice.


GMAT Prep: How?

As you know, GMAT test results are required at any b-school you would like to enter. You also know that passing GMAT isn’t that easy and proper preparation may take months. The first thing you have to do after you learn that you’ll have to pass GMAT is to obtain study materials and hire a good tutor. You’ll also have to improve your grammar and math skills, take a GMAT online prep test. A GMAT test sample to help you prepare may be found at many MBA- or GMAT-themed website. But what else can you do to ensure your 700+ points at GMAT?



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