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GMAT dates: Right Time for Taking GMAT

You've got a long range of good and useful advice regarding successful GMAT completion, starting with GMAT strategy and ending with delicate nuances of application process. Mostly, it is really helpful, if you return to basics and answer GMAT questions which arise in the very GMAT preparation process.



Study Strategy: Be Patient


First and foremost, bear in mind that taking GMAT is possible at any time. GMAT is administered throughout the year as compared to SAT and LSAT. You need just to register at, to arrange appointment at the nearest to your test center. So you log, pay $250 and you are on the go. No more waiting for months for the next test offer.

So when is the right time for taking GMAT?


Let’s turn back to the question when you are going to apply to business school. Going to apply in Round 1, then be ready with GMAT till the end of September (the deadline end). Still, practically, it is not easy to take the GMAT when you are in a hurry to complete your business school applications. Fancy, that you will be busy with your applications the whole September. Ok, you want to complete it by August, don’t you?

So, if you are sure that you will do well in GMAT exam at the first go-off, then it may work out. In fact, the majority of those who pass GMAT usually take several tries and the period between test sittings should be at least 30 days. (Such a window shouldn’t disturb you…In case you need to retake GMAT test you will need a couple of weeks for preparation). To keep safe, you really need to spend enough time for retaking test at least once. So well, you should schedule your GMAT date by the late July. We think that this is the latest date for Round 1, in order not to dodge while preparing for the GMAT.

Taken all around, no matter what MBA admissions round you plan to take, but the main is that your planned date for taking GMAT should be at least two month before the due of your first MBA application. For example, if you are going to apply in Round 2, and you have deadline at the beginning of January, than you should take GMAT not later than the end of October. In this case, you will have the opportunity to take the test once more by December and furthermore enough time for your business school applications.


Still having plenty of time? Good for you!


Keep in mind that you GMAT score is valid 5 years and it is not so easy to take it again soon. The more time you have, the better for you, but we do believe that you should have at least two months period between your test date and your application deadlines.

Also, provide enough time for passing several GMAT practice tests, before you take the real one. Mostly, we recommend free GMAT practice test before starting our course. After that, we advise to take several practice tests during GMAT preparation and minimum one more when you are sure to be ready for the real GMAT exam.

Keep calm, even if the test date is coming and you are still not at the desired preparation level. You still have the opportunity to change your GMAT test date, though we strongly recommend not doing this. The deadline is your main motivator to get ready for the GMAT!

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Author: Victoria Dudka, MBA Strategy Consultants Team Lead

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