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GMAT Prep: How?

As you know, GMAT test results are required at any b-school you would like to enter. You also know that passing GMAT isn’t that easy and proper preparation may take months. The first thing you have to do after you learn that you’ll have to pass GMAT is to obtain study materials and hire a good tutor. You’ll also have to improve your grammar and math skills, take a GMAT online prep test. A GMAT test sample to help you prepare may be found at many MBA- or GMAT-themed website. But what else can you do to ensure your 700+ points at GMAT?

Study Strategy: Be Patient

While preparing for GMAT, the first thing you do is study the basics. No tips can help you, if you do not understand prime numbers or sequence of English tenses. While studying, be patient: some types of questions have to be redone again and again, until you master them completely. But once you have done that, you’ll have no problems at the real test. Remember to use computer-adaptive samples of the test for your preparation to understand the format and process of GMAT test-taking.

Study Strategy: Time Is Essential

At the real GMAT test, you’ll have to work under severe time constraints. So, it would be wise to do the same while prepping. You can’t expect a good performance on the real test, if you didn’t bother to set the same time limits during your preparation. Time is essential in such tests as GMAT, and without keeping to the time your knowledge may become secondary.

GMAT Tips: Take Breaks

During the test-taking, there are two optional breaks (one between the AWA and quantitative sections and another between the quantitative and verbal sections). It would be better if you take these and use them to regain your brain energy. Also, it is advisable to take small, 15 second long ‘breaks’ between the most difficult GMAT questions. After all, it’s difficult to stay focused for 75 minutes in a row. Without occasional breaks, your odds for making a number of stupid mistakes will increase exponentially.

GMAT Tips: Be Attentive

First of all, remember this simple rule: read questions carefully and attentively, because many of GMAT questions contain traps. You may know the content of the question well enough, but being nervous can make you miss vital information. Tricks are more likely to be found in math questions, but don’t get comfortable with language questions either.

GMAT Tips: You Can’t Know Everything

Don’t get stubborn when facing really difficult questions. It’s better to click in an answer you are not sure about and move on to something else, than to waste time trying to crack the unyielding problem. Again, time is limited, and losing it on questions you can’t possibly get in time will make you hurry during the last part of the test. Remember, you should not spend more than three minutes on three questions. Also, the longer you strive to solve a difficult problem, the more tired you get and the less likely the chance is for a correct answer.

GMAT Tips: Guess But Not Randomly

So, you are not sure if you know the right answer, and maybe you will have to guess it. Never guess randomly – try to eliminate the evidently wrong answers first. Your guesses should be educated, not random. Then there’s a good chance you get the answer right, even though you doubt it.

Now, when you are armed with GMAT tips, your victory at the test is imminent! Prepare for GMAT thoroughly – and good luck in entering your business school of choice!



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Author: Victoria Dudka, MBA Strategy Consultants Team Lead

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