6 Core Questions MBA Candidates Ask.  

6 Core Questions MBA Candidates Ask

Free Webinar by MBA Strategy

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Free Webinar by MBA Strategy: 6 Core Questions MBA Candidates Ask
  • Successful MBA applicant profile – webinar speaker’s own case
  • MBA in USA specifics: what is more important – location or ranking?
  • How to cope with GRE Test
  • MBA application package: the speaker’s hands-on experience and advice
  • Funding your MBA
  • Campus visits: to be or not to be?

Olga Kingsbury

Our Speaker is Olga Kingsbury, MBA 2017 successful applicant and MBA consultant
since 2016.

MBA Strategy Free Consultant, current MBA student

Holder of a Master’s degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Olga started her career as a foreign language instructor in West Virginia University. Her professional interests expanded into educational and career consulting. She is currently a student in West Virginia University Business School doing a dual degree in MBA and Industrial Relations (HR).
Why is her experience valuable to share? Olga says: “Going to study abroad is quite a challenge. Finding your true calling in a foreign country is even bigger of a challenge. It involves knowledge of how a new system works as well as rediscovery of yourself in a foreign environment. Having gone through the process, I want to help prospective international students make good educational and career choices and prepare them to the transition into the fascinating world of international business.”

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