Boost Your Career with US Top Business Schools MBA.  

Boost Your Career with US Top Business Schools MBA

Round 1 Application: How Many Schools?

 If you’re asking this question, you are likely already halfway to submitting your applications. This means you have considered all the pros and cons of each business school, compared them, and made a list of priority schools – congratulations, you have done already a great job! You have probably even started working on your application essays, and now find yourself wondering, “How many schools should I apply to in Round 1?”


Filling In Application Form: Hard Questions

Preventing the “surprise”

So, you’ve found your dream university and program? Our first advice is to create your application as soon as possible and study the form. Do not be “the last-minute applicant”! Create an application well in advance and carefully evaluate what you are asked for.


Reapplication: How It Differs

 Facing a harsh reality: rejection

When applying to university, you should be always mentally prepared for seeing this scary word: “Rejected”. This is especially true when you are applying to top schools with acceptance rates below 20% or for prestigious, highly competitive programs such as an MBA. 


Writing CVs for MBA Applications: Dos and Don`ts

If you decide to apply for an MBA at a top-tier school, you should be prepared to compete with a great amount of similarly high-achieving CVs. Titles, positions, education, achievements, and even hobbies sections are fairly standard. Thus, you need to make an effort to ensure that your CV is worth attention among the countless other lookalikes, especially if you are experienced in finance, consulting, or tech. Besides, a CV for an MBA application is a whole different ball game than one for a potential employer.


Perfect School Selection

 So, there are 3 most notable trends in Round 1 of 2018-2019 MBA application to top business schools

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