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 So, there are 3 most notable trends in Round 1 of 2018-2019 MBA application to top business schools


When You Failed... How To Write Tuck's Failure Essay

Tuck MBA Admissions requires to write an essay about failure and an applicant’s reaction/attitude to it. Below is how this essay’ topic looks like:


Yale MBA Admissions: Video Questions Tips

For 2017-2018 MBA admissions Yale asks to pass several video questions, with 1 minute allowed for every question.


Tips on How to Prepare Winning Video Essays

The list of US business schools, which require video essays as part of their MBA admissions process, and essays’ questions are the following:


School Communication: Best Questions to Ask

 “To be or not to be: that is the question”

I mean “to contact the Admissions Officers, or not?”. To answer this question properly, let’s start at the very beginning.

So, you have decided to go for a Master’s degree. After months of searching for the appropriate school, you finally have a list of schools to which you will apply. Many prospective students read only the information given on the program’s page; they do not “dig deeper”.



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