Secrets of Winning CV for Business School Application. CV Tips.  

Secrets of Winning CV for Business School Application

August best suits for writing and polishing CV, as starting the preparation of application package in August guarantees you will be ready to complete your business school application process just in 1 Round

Being in avanguard of the b-school applicants has great advantage, so start your CV in the very beginning of August.

Here we are going to give some practical advice on CV editing, based on MBA candidates’ feedback and FAQs. One fo the most popular questions they ask is whether it would be wise to skip a professional gap and do not show breaks in career in CV. The answer is obviously “No”! Being honest with AdComs is the best way to make them trust and believe in you.

By advising MBA candidates to reveal a gap in their professional career it is not meant to weaken the profile, but keeping it strong anyway. So, how to achieve this? There is a lot of good advice, and all of them will depend on each individual case:

Case #1 – You have not been working for the last months/years:

- try to find internship opportunities in companies/departments, where your duties will be most relevant to the program you’re going to apply, as well as your post-MBA goals

- apply to volunteering jobs/projects, which offer the same opportunities – reveal or develop your professional and personal skills to demonstrate them to b-school

- study courses on extra knowledge and activities

- dive into social/community service activities (charity events, social projects and initiatives etc.)

Case #2 – You did not work for some time in the past:

- brainstorm the period you did not work, remind everyhting you did extra for that time (see the list of activities from case #1), and you will find something to be proud of by all means! (maybe, you filled your free time in coaching your niece on Mathematics and really helped her get an A on Maths at school)

The best way to show your “gap” in CV

It would be best to add another section in your CV, just after the “Experience” and name it according to what you’re going to write there (e.g. Volunteer Experience/Tutoring Experience/Additional Education etc.). Describe your activities by using pro-active verbs and finish with the results you got (e.g. “Coached my niece on Mathematics daily for 4 months, resulting in “A” for her 12th class”) and fix it with dates.

All in all, striving to be honest and open, proving you get any challenge like gaps in your life as an opportunity to develop in other directions and not to do a hand’s turn – is the best way to exemplify your uniqueness and help you stand out of the pool of MBA applicants!



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Author: Victoria Dudka, MBA Strategy Consultants Team Lead

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