• We help you to pass the GMAT with the absolute minimum amount of money on prep.

    We build you a very clear step-by-step curated GMAT plan of study.

    You do. We curate.

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We get your request, get payment, and contact you


We send you a detailed questionnaire and practice GMAT test to understand your level of readiness, goals, and deadlines.


We provide you with a customized GMAT study plan, with explicit step-by-step theory and practice, carefully prepared by our real GMAT teacher.

We are here with you, curating your preparation and ready to help any time.

Pay for what you really need

Pay for what you really need.

You need a GMAT score in your report, don’t you? That is all you need to be accepted! So, why do you need to pay US$2–4К per course to test-prep companies working out of fancy offices, with marketing expenditure, and teachers who want smoothie machines in their office?

You are smart enough! We are sure.

The majority of popular test prep firms charge students for commuting to their offices every day and pushing you. We are sure that you are smart enough to get a 500 GMAT score; it will simply require a very detailed study plan and daily instructions. Fifty percent of American test-takers are completely happy with this score.
You are smart enough
Save more now

The more you save now, the less debt you have later.

We are sure you need money for your MBA/master’s degree, but not for prep. Financing your education is a big challenge. We want to help you save money on test prep and save this money for your future educational or personal needs. Agreed?

Everyone needs to do their job.

Based on our 15 years of experience in GMAT prep, our 99th percentile teachers know all the theory, books, exercises, etc. to build you a very detailed study plan. You know your pace, calendar, abilities to follow our expert instructions, and get a good final score. Nobody will be doing your homework for you, but we are ready to help you when it comes to what to do and how to do it.
Everyone needs to do their job

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I ask questions later if I have any?

Yes, you can choose any tariff plan with email/chat/call support and our GMAT teachers will help you with any specific troubles you have during your study plan implementation. Anyway, you pay only when you need it and it’s 100 times cheaper than any top GMAT prep course.

2. Would it be cheaper and better to just buy several books?

Well, to have a score of 450–500 you need at least 2–3 good books. You don’t need to buy new ones; you can find e-copies and so on. But the problem is different – even if you have 4–5 good books, you have to know how to use them, what theory you need to study and which you don’t need, what exercises to practice, and how often. If you just buy all the popular GMAT books, they have many repetitions and unnecessary information inside. We help you to save a lot of time because we are experts in GMAT prep and have done this for the last 15 years.

3. How will my study plan look?

You can download an example here. Generally, it’s a very detailed document or PDF file with a breakdown by days you need to practice, what you need to practice, and what exercises from which book you need to do. Every study plan is carefully customized and written by a GMAT expert in the 99th percentile in his section and signed by our senior study plan manager.