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How Do I Prepare For IELTS Properly?

If you are going to enter a school or college in such countries as Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada or some others, you will have to pass the IELTS test. It’s not the easiest kind of test, but with proper preparation you can doubtlessly manage to get Band 7 or even Band 8. So, how do you do this? First of all, look for some specified advice about IELTS preparation. Many places in the Internet are about discussing and showing how to make a good result at this test, what are the best tips during IELTS and so on. You are sure to find a website, a blog, or even an IELTS forum featuring such information. A good example is the IELTS-Simon blog and website, containing lessons, tips and samples of IELTS test. There are places such as the British Council IELTS website or the Road to IELTS project offering help in passing this test in any country of the world and giving out lots of study materials, many of them free or partially free.


GMAT Prep: How?

As you know, GMAT test results are required at any b-school you would like to enter. You also know that passing GMAT isn’t that easy and proper preparation may take months. The first thing you have to do after you learn that you’ll have to pass GMAT is to obtain study materials and hire a good tutor. You’ll also have to improve your grammar and math skills, take a GMAT online prep test. A GMAT test sample to help you prepare may be found at many MBA- or GMAT-themed website. But what else can you do to ensure your 700+ points at GMAT?


TOEFL Test Structure

TOEFL: Four Basic Parts
As any other language proficiency test, TOEFL takes into consideration the level of your listening and reading comprehension skills as well as your ability to communicate in English both in written and speaking forms. That’s why TOEFL is divided into four main sections: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. Each of them has its own time limitation and assessment specifics.


Getting Ready for TOEFL: Practice Is Key

TOEFL is a test of English proficiency for non-native speakers. If you want to study in the USA, Canada or Europe, you are required to pass it. Since 2005, the paper-based and computer-based tests have been replaced in most countries by TOEFL iBT (Internet-based test). New tasks were added, specifically designed to test integrated skills.


Easy TOEFL: Useful Tips for Test-Takers

toeflGetting ready for TOEFL may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t require any super-human abilities. All you need is determination, thorough preparation, and plenty of practice. Here are some useful tips.

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