MBA CV Tips - How to Write a Winning 1-Page CV. CV Tips.  

MBA CV Tips - How to Write a Winning 1-Page CV

Though not all business schools officially require to limit CV to one page in MBA application package (many top schools do not mention this requirement in their admissions pages,

but give templates and recommendations to limit MBA CV to one page) , in most cases the 1-page volume is considered the most suitable and effective format.

The arguments to follow a 1-page format:

  • MBA AdComs are limited in time and human resources in application season, so 1-page CV will help them create their vision and understanding of MBA applicants’ profiles in a short period of time
  • On their turn, by setting up the goal to limit their CVs to one page, MBA applicants focus on the most important information to give, thus omitting unnecessary details and making CV most effective.

So, how to distinguish the most valuable information from MBA applicant’s profile to make his or her CV concise, clear and most impressive? There are 3 most important tips to follow:

  1. Think of your CV as an integral part of the whole application package: shortlist your main professional and personal achievements/results, which you would like to describe in your essays, and make them a part of your CV in the form of brief theses, which you will prove with cases/examples further in essays.
  2. Choose activities/achievements, which would be the most relevant to MBA (e.g. focus on leadership, teambuilding and managerial skills, your initiatives and results, which have had impact on the organization and changes you have made).
  3. Make your CV valuable to the business school you are applying to (e.g. if the school values your professional development track the most, design your activities’ and positions’ list so that your growth would be obvious; or take more space for your extracurricular activities, if they are one of the most important criterion for school, etc)
  4. Review your CV thoroughly, when you have completed all MBA application package, and delete all information, if it is duplicated in essays or recommendations.

Following all these tips will help MBA candidates make their CVs most effective by spending minimal space and giving the most relevant and important information to the AdComs. Moreover, by the demonstration of well-designed and concise CV format MBA applicants will prove their devotion and motivation to bring their time, skills, knowledge and resources to their study.


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Author: Victoria Dudka, MBA Strategy Consultants Team Lead

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