Boost Your Career with US Top Business Schools MBA.  

Boost Your Career with US Top Business Schools MBA

2018-2019 Round 1 Admissions Trends

 So, there are 3 most notable trends in Round 1 of 2018-2019 MBA application to top business schools


Profile Assessment: Strengths and Weaknesses

 The importance of applicant’s profile

Everything that is required to submit together with your application form is aimed to learn you better, to understand who you are, how you cope with difficulties, what your advantages and weaknesses are, for sure. Many people applying to Graduate Schools have some weaknesses, there are not so many so-called the ‘ideal candidates’. The existence of some areas for improvement does not mean that you are not suitable for the program, you just need to address them correctly. Many elements identify you, and all together they create the image that Admissions Office will evaluate later.


Who Are Your Best Recommenders?

 Why do you need prepare a letter of recommendation?

Have thought of applying for Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD - be ready to to prepare a letter of recommendation, in other words - reference. Every singly school will ask you to submit two reference, rarely one or three. It has to be written by someone who knows you good on academic or professional terms. Reference should be never prepared by your acquaintance, friends or family.


Live Broadcast with MIT, Yale & Harvard - MBA25

On the 7th of June, more than 1,500 participants joined a live broadcast attended by three of the world’s most renowned business schools: Harvard, MIT, and Yale.

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